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Welcome to my Blog!

Hello! My name is Christopher Birkbeck. Currently, I am a student in the Technical Writing program of Algonquin College (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; 2022). I have a BA (Honours) in Linguistics from Carleton University (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; 2013) and a Graduate Certificate in Computer Science from Concordia University (Montreal, Quebec, Canada; 2017). Currently, I live in Montreal.

I am taking this program to advance my career opportunities. I feel that this certificate, being at the intersection between language arts and technology, matches my previous academic experience and skills well. In my linguistics degree, I learned much about the structure of language, both in general and for specific languages, like English. Likewise, in my computer science degree, I learned much about how computers work from a theoretical standpoint. Thus, I think I can approach various technical topics from “both sides” with regards to expertise. Having written some highly technical content in my areas of expertise, I can emphasise with experts in other fields who are trying to adapt their content for the generic public.